When a Young Couple Goes North

They set up a cafe…

…and a bed and breakfast in the Catskills, where they serve more than a nice meal; they serve a whole community.


Table on Ten opened about two years ago, and during that time the two owners, Inez and Justus, have created a place where everyone can commune. But Table on Ten is so much more than that. They are supporting the community as well, by sourcing their food from local growers and producers. They have truly found a way to serve and support their community by being an integral part of it.

New dishes are created on a regular basis, and every weekend they make up their own pizza dough from local flours and create the best pizza you can wish for. And that is actually saying a lot when it comes from me, because I don’t usually like pizza.


If the pizza’s so good, why am I showing you other foods? Not everyone wants pizza all the time, and some can’t eat it at all because of the gluten. Unfortunately Table on Ten does not have gluten-free pizza (yet!), but they do have other delicious foods to help satisfy the hungry—and the many foodies among their clientele.


Since I live in the area, I don’t stay over at Table on Ten, but as stay there is as lovely as the food. So if you are thinking to go for a weekend trip to the Catskills you might want to consider staying at Table on Ten in Bloomville, NY. And you guessed it—you’ll find them on Route 10.