Jeanette Bronée, CHHC


The path for life philosophy is based on how we thrive because nourishment is so much more than nutrition. I teach how we can shift our focus from dieting to feeling nourished by not only our food, but also our habits, our environment, and our self-relationship. My dedication is to help more people have nourishing access to changing the way they eat by changing their habits through mindfulness and food-knowledge, so they once again can have a nourishing relationship with food.

I help you find your way,

-because changing your relationship with food, changes everything.

Nourishment is so much more than nutrition because knowing what to eat is just not enough. We also need to change our habits and choices to get healthy and lose weight in a sustainable way. The crucial missing element in healthy eating is mindfulness and self-compassion. We need to get more intimate with ourselves and our habits so we can change the way we eat for good, because self-care is our best health-care.

Consider me for speaking at your event.

I founded Path for Life in 2004 in an effort to bring more conscious awareness to our own power for healing. The desire to share and help others get healthy has grown into creating not only my personal practice for more than 10 years, but also the 9-step online Self-Nourishment course, my book EAT TO FEEL FULL, videos and workshops to help as many people as possible stop the dieting madness and find their own food-style.

This is an opportunity for me to have Path for Life be a place that shares not just information, but knowledge to help you change the way you eat. Over the years I have learned how powerful our inner sense of wisdom is and how we already know what our body needs, how we are truly nourished, but we need to de-learn and re-learn to be able to listen.

My work evolves around how we can find our way forward to trusting our body’s inner wisdom and personal food-style and get unstuck from the habits the keep repeating, overcome patterns of stress and emotional eating and leaving the dieting behind to live nourished. I am an engaged advocate for sustainable health and nourished living. I guide my clients, audience and readers through the confusion of too much information to their inner wisdom of knowing how to take care of themselves (and no there is not an app for that). I show and tell and I love to see my readers, listeners and clients grow into knowing and loving themselves more so that practicing self-care is the most natural thing in the world.

In my personal counseling sessions and in the 9-step Path For Life Self Nourishment Program I have developed a process that integrates the 3 key elements that are essential for lasting change: Food Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Habit Shifting. It is a way to gently guide and encourage you through the process of transforming but in your relationship to food and to your Self. What is better than actually getting to know YOU?

On my blog I share all the things that come up along the way that I think you might benefit from. I also share what is going on eco-wise and the issues out there that I have an opinion about. Or a delicious meal that I cook and post in the recipe section for the online program and can give you a taste of as well. Or I find something that makes me feel nourished and I want you to know about it too.

Path for life is the anti-dote to dieting and I hope to help create a paradigm shift in how living truly nourished we can leave the confusion and struggle behind and become healthy and happy. That we learn how to take better care of not just ourselves, but also each other as well as Mother Earth and her amazing resources, that we tend to take for granted.

I hope to encourage community, people getting together to share food. I so very much want people, who feel stuck, to find their way beyond out of it and rather through it.

Let’s face it…we all want to grow, learn, be healthy, live and love. I hope this blog can be part of what gets you there. I hope it will inspire you, maybe it will support you, and maybe it will help you get to that place within you that says … “YES I am living a nourished life and I love it”.

Think Self-Nourishment…it is self-love, self-care, but not selfish nor self-absorbed. It is about sharing, thriving, living and growing from within.