I help leaders perform at their best, avoid burnout and create a healthy work-culture by nourishing themselves and their teams. The Path For Life method is designed to help companies and their people perform better with self-care. With food-knowledge, mindfulness and habit-shifting we can create change that has impact on our lives, our health and our work, because nourishment is so much more than just nutrition. To create sustainable success we need to shift from survival mode to performance mode.


Care is the new currency. We tend to think time is the most important currency and we hack time by abandoning our self-care to save time. However, self-care is how we work better and therefore save time. To achieve ideal personal and organizational health, it is essential to make self-care the foundation for how we perform–at work, at home and on the go. However this is not only about how we spend our time, it’s about how we use our attention to do work that matters.

Why self-care matters:

The way we work in our modern busy lives doesn’t work and we are a breaking down from feeling overwhelmed, leading to burnout. What if instead of just surviving every day, we could thrive?

We struggle, because the first thing we leave behind on a busy day is ourselves and our self-care, even our basic needs for sustenance and our longing for feeling nourished.

I developed the Path for Life Method, which integrates the 3 key essential ingredients to create sustainable change and growth in our personal and professional lives: How we THINK, ENGAGE and ACT and how it affects our physical, emotional and mental health. Because mindset comes before habits.

Nourishing our physcial body by learning how to better manage our energy we can learn how to  support our body and ourselves in achieving better daily well-being, while still being busy at work. I used to work with food as fuel and nourishing, it still is and will always be important for us as human beings to understand how to feed our bodies so that our emotional and mental health is strong, healthy and resilient, however it’s no longer part of my keynote speaking. I call it food-knowledge.

Mindfulness is how we learn to listen within and using our emotions as the doorway to being more aware so that we can pay attention to what matters. To know when to pause and ask questions. Questions that create change. It is how we can re-train our mindset from that of the inner critic to the inner coach, the mindset of overwhelm to resilience, and our mindset of just surviving on a daily basis to knowing what we need so that we can thrive every day.

Habit-shifting is how we change from being stuck to being engaged, active and focused. When we feed the natural process of change; the human desire to make progress and grow our human need for connection, community and contribution, good change happens and we can create sustainable success.

Self-care does not come last. Self-care is not a luxury or a perk, it is to a side-kick or a nice to have, it is the foundation for achieving work/life quality and living a life we love, because health is not the goal, it is how we reach our goals.



Why do we do what do we do every day?

I asked that question when, at 26, I had just arrived in New York City, only to find myself lost wondering why I was here, what I should do with myself and my career and how I could move forward in a way that mattered to me.

At the time, I did not know how important those questions were for me—so important, I still ask them decades later. Not because I am lost, but because I keep looking for how to continue to grow. And it was those questions that were the foundation for creating Path for Life.

I’d ask those questions again after both my parents died of cancer just one year apart and I was told it was only a matter of time before I would get cancer, too. The answer? I realized I wanted to be part of the change that needed to happen in how we take care of ourselves–at work, at home, and on the go.

See, I had gotten myself stuck in a career path in the fashion business that was thriving at work, but not in health or work-life balance. As much as I did not want to believe the doctors who were certain I would get cancer, I knew it would be my destiny if I did not make radical changes in my life.

So, I pulled the plug on my career, went back to school, and learned how to take charge of my health and how to help others do so, too. I founded Path for Life in 2004 to give people like you the tools to live better and work better by eating better.

I learned that changing our eating habits is not so easy, that dieting doesn’t work and that our relationship with food is far more complex than we realize, because nourishment is so much more than just nutrition.


Path for Life® is about how to change our relationship with self-care so that we can achieve our goals without giving up our health and personal joy because when we take better care of ourselves we can be busy and healthy,  -at the same time.

I think of this as my life’s work—the WHY I am here.. I used to be exhausted and stressed, but now I am driven and purposeful. Of course, I do get tired, but I don’t burn out. How? I respect my body and its messages about what I need to do and be what’s asked of me. Reality is, my body and I are the most important team there is, not only for working better, but also living more fully.

What is the crucial missing element between knowing what to eat and actually doing it? Mindfulness. (Actually, it is the missing element in how we make change happen in all aspects of life.)

“Our relationship with ourselves affects the relationship we have with others and how we do work that creates impact and change.”

We tend to think self-care is something we do in private after a long day is over, and only if we have time. But self-care is what we do so we can get through a long day with energy to spare.

I learned–and I continue to learn–how profoundly important it is to make self-care the foundation for getting what I want in life. And it’s centered on the ability to connect with my inner wisdom, and my creativity to solve problems, and to stay centered and focused.

We use our bodies to do what we do every day. Isn’t it time we return the favor and treat our bodies with the care and respect they deserve and need to be there for us?


Certified as: Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Integrative Mind-Body Practitioner, Felt-Sense Focusing Teacher & Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.

Her purpose driven keynote speaking and leadership coaching is available for individuals, leaders, teams and as an online program that serves as a tool for companies wanting to take better care of their people.


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