My clients are my best advertising. Only their success is mine and I appreciate every journey I have been part of.

Healthier and confident about food choices

“Working with Jeanette over the years has given me access to care tailored to my unique concerns and goals. Her holistic and integrated approach (body, mind and food) has left me healthier and confident about food choices, preparation and how to listen to my body and follow through for positive results.”



Jeanette Bronée changed my life.

“I was diagnosed with UC and after several months of medicine, I was not getting any better. Working with Jeanette brought me back to feeling like me again – and that is completely irreplaceable. Not only did she save my life, but enhanced my quality and appreciation for life to so much more than what it was before my diagnosis. This review can not put into words my appreciation and gratitude”.


Most important of all, I feel great

“The help and advice Jeanette Bronée has given me stretch far beyond what I should and should not eat. She was able to understand who I am, hence what approach would be best for me. Jeanette Bronee helped to change not only my diet but the way I looked at my personal well being. Most important of all, I feel great”.


It is flexible enough to be used anytime, anywhere.

“I was introduced to Jeanette Bronée at a time when I was at physical low. Stress from a demanding job, continuous travel and long hours had taken its toll. I have learned an entirely new approach to eating and nourishment. I love to eat and what is wonderful about this program is that it is not about limitations as ‘diets’ (cringe!) usually are, but rather what tastes good and is good for you. As a result, I have a tremendous amount of energy, have not been sick in months and have lost 25 lbs. It is flexible enough to be used anytime, anywhere and Jeanette’s non-dogmatic approach makes this so easy. Thanks Jeanette!”.


I feel so much healthier

“Jeanette Bronée’s nourishment program has transformed my life. She uses whole foods that leave you satisfied and eliminate cravings for sugar, pastries and cookies. She helped me recognize the emotional attachment I had to certain foods that weren’t serving my well-being, and remove them from my life. I feel so much healthier because of this program. Jeanette is a coach, a cheerleader, and a friend, and will help you win whatever battle you have. I strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle”.