What will you focus on in 2017?


We tend to start out a new year with goals and resolutions, only to leave them behind by February. So instead I ask you: What will you focus on, what will matter to you?

If we come from a perspective of fixing what is broken and just work harder on that new habit, we tend to also fall short of making changes. Especially when we are under stress.

“Old habits die hard because their purpose is to get us through, -mindlessly”.

The thing is, when we focus only on the habit we want to change, we are looking at the symptom of the greater imbalance in our life. It is like how Western Medicine looks at managing the symptoms of disease, whereas Eastern Medicine focuses on the root cause of disease. Your habits are the same way.

“The root cause of your habits is your perspective”.

You can think of it this way, in business, what is the root cause of productivity? It is happy and healthy employees.

So what is the root cause of your joy? What makes you tick? What matters to you?


When we start from within we create change that truly matters to us. To create change we need a new perspective. What is the perspective you want to foster for this year? What is the energy with which you will approach what is in front of you. What is the perspective you want to learn to thrive by? A change in perspective that you can bring to all your actions and interactions, all your relationships, including your relationship with your body and your food, and to all your endeavors and projects?

“The mindfulness that we bring with us to work, at home, on the go is how we create change”.

Maybe your focus is to bring better openness, better curiosity, or better vitality, better engagement, or better creativity to your everday life.

For me, this year is about growth. Growing myself, my health, my relationships, my projects, and how I help.

“Growth however is not about more; because more is not better, better is”.

So my question to you is; how can I help you… better?

I created a survey to both help you evaluate where you are at and what you want, for you. It is also a survey for me to help you better. It is not long so I hope you will take it. I will be sending another survey next month to see what topics you would like me to expand on in my new video series coming out. If you are just starting out on your path, some of the questions will not feel like they apply to you. Feel free to answer them, or to skip them.

Here is the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9HM672C


If you did not see it yet, below is my TEDx talk about Why Mindfulness Matters.

I was in Brazil giving this talk at the end of 2016 and it was just such an amazing experience to be part of the TED community, to have the opportunity to share my message, not only in front of an audience of 1600 people, but also online as part of the TEDx community of speakers.

Feel free to share, I would be grateful if you do.

As always, thank you for being on your Path with me.