The Changing Season of Food

When we transition, we have to transition our foods too.

Around this time of year we have both cold and warm days, so it can be confusing to figure out what to eat. We might set out to have a salad, and then the weather tells us we want something cooked. This is also why eating a salad in the middle of winter does not really work: it’s simply too cold, and it makes us cold, which is often what leaves us feeling under-nourished, un-satisfied, and not satiated after a meal. (You know what follows: a snack attack, usually involving something sweet.)

You might well have spring fever right now, and you can’t wait to get some lighter foods in you. You might even have chosen to complete a juice cleanse. Well, consider giving yourself and your body a little time to transition here. Try mixing up some lighter greens with some cooked veggies, then adding legumes or grains to make it more substantial. I normally say: if it can fly away in a breeze, it doesn’t have enough substance; you’ll just be looking for food again in an hour.

As for the transition of the season, think of how trees start budding: little by little. Even if it can seem that they turn lush and green from one day to the next, it is actually a gradual process of becoming. So give your Self and your body just a wee bit of time to transition out of the cold of winter by mixing cooked and raw veggies and adding substance with legumes or grains.