Springtime, Spring Salad

Mix up a salad.

During winter, there’s absolutely no way I would be eating salad—it is just too cold for that stuff. But come springtime, I absolutely loooonnnnngggg for some fresh greens. I like a little spice to my greens, but any will do. Here I mixed it up with a peppery arugula.

So the simple solution is:

Open a can of chickpeas. Drain and add sea salt and freshly ground pepper plus an awesome tasting olive oil.

Chop in whatever you can get your hands on that feels fresh, crunchy, yummy…and filling. Salad has to be substantial enough. As my saying goes: if it can fly away, there’s not enough substance in your salad.

Substance means fiber-rich vegetables such as chopped or shredded carrots, beets, and maybe some tomatoes as well, even though they don’t provide a lot of substance.

Here I added some shrimp instead of extra veggies, but that is completely optional.

1. Make it your own…

2. Make it easy, fast… and yummy.

3. Add fresh leafy greens.

Bring it for lunch, serve it to friends, bring it to a potluck, or just enjoy it for a great self-nourishing meal.