Shrimp-vegetable Sauté

Shrimp is a fast meal, especially if you make it a pan-sauté-all-in-one with vegetables kind of meal.

Many ask me if shrimp is a healthy choice, but there is not really one answer (yes or no) to that question since shrimp are one of the more controversial food choices. Shrimp are bottom crawlers so it depends on which bottom (ocean and area) they came from and how polluted that was. Most frozen shrimp at the super market are farm-raised, so the consideration then is the quality of the farm and the toxicity levels of the water in which they were farmed. Of course there is also the environmental and eco-sustainable consideration between ocean caught and farmed shrimp, since many shrimp trawlers destroy the ocean floor and the eco-system there, versus farm raised which if sustainably farmed, is better for the environment.

Though they are low in unhealthy fats and calories, they are high in cholesterol so they are not considered a good choice for people with high cholesterol.

On the other hand they provide a tasty fast light meal. They are high in astaxanthin, which is an anti-oxidant, as well as selenium and omega-3 fatty acids, making shrimp an anti-inflammatory choice. 


  • Shrimp, about 5 per person, depending if this is an appetizer or main meal portion and depending on the size of shrimp.
  • Summer squash, one whole per portion / person
  • Herbs, sea-salt, and pepper. Any herbs that you like is fine for this


Add 1-2 tbsp. of cooking oil to the pan (I use un-toasted sesame oil for cooking), add the shrimp and get them started on a medium heat. Add the sea-salt and pepper, herbs. They need about 15 min. Cut the squash into 1/4″ slices, the squash only needs about 5 -10 depending on how cooked or crispy you like them. Once the shrimp start turning color, add the vegetable and garlic, and a little water or cooking vinegar like mirin or brown rice vinegar, which is optional. If you want it to be more of a “dry” dish (pan fry) don’t add the water or vinegar.

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