Mindful Nourishment

What is it?

You might say that nourishment is mindfulness and mindfulness is nourishment, and you are right to say that. But what do we do with it? How does it help us in our everyday busy lives? How do we master it and how does it help us work better and thrive?

Perhaps this works?

“Mindfulness helps us change, nourishment helps us work and live better.”

And actually, we don’t have to make sense of it, we just have to make it work for us as an individual. The Path for Life online program of course is designed to help you do that, and if you are not already part of it, I hope you will consider joining me there. If you are already on your journey to working and living nourished, you can still join me and connect at these upcoming events too.

Events coming up:

There are also 3 events coming up in October that can be a way to discover more, connect more and dive deeper into you getting to know you, better.

I will be teaching at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab on October 27th in NYC and October 28th in Irvington NY. Eileen and her team has created a place and a way to share and give more opportunities for people to learn mindfulness in everyday life with her LIFEWORK programs.

Mindful Living:

The 27th of October is a day of mindfulness in NYC at Eileen Fisher where I will be teaching with 4 other teachers about how to live with less stress and more joy.

Join us here: http://eileenfisherlifework.com/mindfulness/

Nourish Your Self:

The 28th at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab in Irvington, NY is a full-day workshop with me where we will work with our relationship with food, how to create a nourishing one, and how to make our habits work for us. We will be working with some of the elements that you are learning in the online program, so it would be a fantastic way to connect and get mindful together, if you can make it.

Join here: http://eileenfisherlifework.com/nourish-yourself/

Who is taking care of business?

We push harder and harder to do more and more, and yet, do we work better? Do we perform better? Or are we just wearing out? In business today the human resource is still our best resource and we need to nourish it. As a leader we tend to wait with self-care until we have time, and let’s face it, – when is that?

How can you be a better leader?

I will be speaking at WomELLE – the Women’s Leadership Summit on October 21st at 12.30 EST. It is a virtual summit October 20th and 21st. so you can participate from anywhere. I will be speaking about how we as leaders need to take better care of ourselves, so we can take better care of our teams, and why that matters in business today. Acutally, – in the future too.

Here is how you get your ticket https://www.womelle.com

I hope to see you at one of the events so that you can learn more about how to take better care of YOU at work and nourish YOUR SELF to live a life you love.