Summer Solstice Treat

And that means strawberries and rhubarb.

It is one of my absolute favorite treats. Back home in Denmark we would eat the fresh strawberries with milk for dessert in the summer, but now I use a nut milk instead. This version is actually my breakfast of raw oat-meal or muesli version, which is rolled oats and “milk” without being cooked. Just soaked. And then as a summer treat I add the strawberries and the cooked rhubarb.

Cook the rhubarb by cutting the stem into cubes, add it to a pot with only a bit of water (barely to cover) and simmer with the lid off. You can add a tiny bit of water later if needed, start with very little or it gets too watery. You can sweeten it afterwards with real maple syrup or raw honey to taste.

Enjoy as a breakfast or a summer treat without the oats and just as a fruit porridge.