Give a healthy gift

 T’is the season…

-where healthy food is not always on our mind, but living well and getting healthy might be. The thing is; health is not a destination. Health is more of an attitude, something we keep choosing over and over. It is a process, it is a way of thinking, being and doing. We get stuck in the either/or, all/nothing perspective and we lose out.

Path for Life,

is about how choices create change. I want to remind you, that during this season it is even more important not to take the attitude of “letting it all go” or “sticking to it”. Instead of getting stuck on what you “cannot have”, Path for Life is about creating balance in your choices, about navigating options, and about seeing what you can add to make it better for you and your body to digest, enjoy and thrive.

Give someone some healthy change this season.

I made a little book video to show some of my favorite moments from the book TV moments, the book is available on Amazon to ship as a great gift for the Holidays.

I always hear from people how they love EAT TO FEEL FULL because it teaches, not lectures. Because it is a small companion and friend to help bring some light on all the different choices out there, and it helps cut through all the excess information. It is a book that people read over and over again, because they learn something new, not just what and how, but also why.

And if you buy it as a gift, the one you give it to, and yourself, will be invited to a private webinar in the New Year to get a good healthy start.

Here is the link to get the book as well as this online program as a gift for someone you care about.

Best EAT TO FEEL FULL TV moments. from pathforlife on Vimeo.