Fuel Your Life From The Inside Out


Do you ever wonder what the future might bring? Sort of the fine balance between hope and fear. Those of you who know me, know that I changed my life back in 2001 after both my parents died of cancer. I started focusing on how I could learn what my body needed.

Since then, I have shared that journey and the lessons with my personal and corporate clients as well as audiences, who want to take charge of their health and human performance too.

One of those clients is Alice, who is so “rock and roll” healthy and thriving at 76 years old. As she says, “Our work together also led to better listening to my body which led me to a largely plant based diet.  I’ve learned more about food content, sources and impact on my body and overall health creating higher energy, increased flexibility and more”. 

Tomorrow I will be on the stage in Brazil at the conference PLENAE, where I will be sharing Alice’s story among other, about how we can live a full and rich, healthy and vibrant life, and why self-care matters so much.

There will be many great speakers whom you might recognize, among some of them: Susan Pinker, Ellen Langer, Daniel Kraft and Dan Buettner.

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