Fiber is key.

A recent study showed that fiber is that secret ingredient that helps us lose weight. Well yes, and that is partly because it helps you feel full, satiated, and nourished for hours. That is what my new book is about. How to feel nourished from your food to master your hunger.

My recipes are full of fiber and taste.

I love fiber because it makes my meals rich in plant-based foods, which also means rich in nutrients and in return that means I feel amazing.

My pasta version

My favorite pasta is buckwheat soba noodles. They are gluten free (if you get the ones that are 100% buckwheat) and very yummy. Buckwheat is higher in protein than your typical pasta because it is a seed, not a grain, and low in glycemic index (great for mastering your appetite). It has many other health benefits such as good for digestion, releases water retention, and contains no toxins or allergens.


1 serving buckwheat soba per person

1/2 cup chickpeas (either use canned or pre-cooked)

1/2 cup butternut squash (per person)

2 shiitake mushrooms

2 leaves of fresh sage (optional)

1 1/2 cups kale (per person)

olive oil, sea-salt, sesame seeds or gomasio to season before serving.


Boil water for the soba (the soba takes about 8 min. to boil). You need to rinse it in cold water when it is done to avoid it is sticking together.

Cut the skin off from the butternut squash (I slice it first) or peel it. Clean out the seeds and cut into cubes. Sauté with the sage leaves and the shiitake mushrooms in a deep pan with a tablespoon of cooking oil (I use un-toasted sesame oil) and a dash of sea-salt. When it seems to need more oil, add a small amount of water instead and let it simmer under a lid for 10 min. with the chickpeas added. Check it and see if it needs more time, if so, add more water if needed and continue to simmer under a lid.

Prepare the soba and the marinated kale while you are cooking the butternut.

See the recipe for marinated kale here on the blog.

Mix and served with good olive oil and sesame seed or gomasio (sesame seed, kelp, and sea-salt mix)

PATH FOR LIFE - photo Torkil Stavdal

PATH FOR LIFE – photo Torkil Stavdal