Earth Day


First there was Earth, then there was life! On Earth Day I have gratitude. I have gratitude for all that Earth gives us. Her resources, her beauty, her sacredness, and even her moods.

We need to learn to appreciate our food as a gift to us from Mother Earth. We have become consumers of food, when really food is nurture and nourishment, that not only allows us to live, but also to thrive. It is supposed to be a nourishing relationship that helps us be and feel the best we can. It is supposed to be our fuel to make the best of our day. It is supposed to be what feeds our cells, our blood, and our daily vibrance.

The relationship we have we food is the most intimate, important, and powerful relationship we have. Without food we are not here. And Earth gives us our food! It is not something we appreciate in our daily busy lives, but can you imagine what your meals would be like if you were to appreciate these gifts and fruits of the Earth?

We have to take better care!

We need to value and appreciate, yes, but we also have to learn that we are the keepers of this amazing place! We are the ones to take care of, preserve, and hold precious the life that Earth provides for us. We are interconnected, not just with each other, but also with Earth. That essentially means that ALL our actions count for or against the accumulated impact that we leave behind.

Be concerned.

That is not the same as being worried, it means to be mindful and to act with principles of ethics that you can stand by. Actions that are not harmful. If we could think of “Do No Harm” as a way of making daily choices, it would be so different would it not?

The way we use and consume food today is rooted in the disconnect between where our food comes from and how it nourishes us. We want taste and we want pleasure, we want to be soothed and we want to be entertained. That is all fine…however; we can do so with care in mind, not just for ourselves, but also for our Earth.

Choosing whole foods instead of junk, choosing food that is created or cooked without additives, chemicals, and other toxins, not only cares for you, but it also cares for the Earth. How?  Because when you de-choose processed foods, you also say no to the impact that factory farming and food production has on the Earth, but you are also saying YES to sustainable farming and (home)-cooked meals (even if you eat in restaurants or pick up your lunch somewhere). You are saying yes to a whole different way of food coming to you and it does not all mean farm to table, it can mean farm to store and store to you. Your choices matter!

Small things that help.

To take care of our Earth is to take care of our self, to take care of our Self in a self-nourishing way is to take care of Earth.

  • You can choose to bring your own bag to the store and avoid the plastic.
  • You can fill your own non-plastic water-bottle instead of buying news ones over and over again.
  • You can recycle.
  • You can buy bulk and avoid the packaged food.
  • You can buy whole and real foods instead of processed food and you will save your health and the Earth and her animals from the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, anti-biotics, growth-hormones, and GMO.


Please – this Earth is what sustains us so let’s make it a sustainable life-style to be the inhabitants here and to eat in a sustainable way, both for the Earth and for our Selves.

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