Dare to dream…backwards

To year 2019

Imagine if you lived your life backwards and had already achieved your dreams. If you were looking back to the first day of 2019, what would you tell yourself?

What I love about New Years is the beginners mind. We are starting something new and at the same time continuing the life we have. For me, the new is the mindset of curiosity that I want to bring with me in the new year, as well as purpose and focus on what I want to create in 2019.

Now we cannot just start something new as if it is a magic trick and voila… a new life. Diets and new habits that don’t last past the 15th of January have proven that to us over and over again. But we can have the mindset of thinking anew and then when we add the daily grit, that is needed for anything in life to work out, we create change.

Beginners mind

Essentially we can have a beginners mind every day, every hour and sometimes we actually do, even if we don’t realize it. As a coach for the past 15 years, there is a beginning and an end every hour of my day. With each client I have to look with new eyes, listen with fresh ears, and pay attention with a new mindset. As a speaker there is a beginning and an end to being on stage. In a workshop, the same thing, even though it might be longer than 1 hour, it is a journey we are making together. When we sit down for a meal there is a beginning and an end. Every night and every morning, there is an end and a new beginning and it is up to us to bring awareness to our experiences.

And yet how often do we consciously bring this mindset into our day? We tend to look at what is not working instead of focusing on what we need, so we can create the change we want to achieve the dreams we have. We look backwards with judgment, instead of looking forward with wisdom.

So for the beginning of 2019, if you were looking back from the future, would you start being kinder to yourself, would you start being your own friend and instead focus on what you would tell yourself about looking forward?

Hello 2019

Wishing you all the best of health and self-care, love, nourishment and many joyful moments in the new year along with tools and support you need to take on the daily awareness, that it takes to be a human being. Who said it was going to be easy?

Now go begin anew and claim your dreams.

big hug


Photo by Ashley Batzon Unsplash