Comfort Food

Roots for comfort.

On cold days and during the months of winter we crave comfort, especially from our foods. Far too often I see people eating summer foods (green salads) in the middle of winter and they don’t feel satisfied from their food, causing them to feel hungry all the time and struggle with sugar cravings. Eating seasonally is extremely important to feeling nurtured and nourished. Many who struggle with emotional eating are faced with these afternoon carb cravings and equally many are not eating a good solid lunch. I teach these mantras to my clients; “FOOD FIRST” and “Don’t under-eat and over-snack”. I often find that for many of my clients the imbalanced and disorderly eating is rooted in “not enough” -and that goes for both our food and our perception of life. And we can change that!

My new book “EAT TO FEEL FULL”

My new book will be out soon and it is about how we can eat foods that help us not only feel full, but also nourished and satisfied.

Often people come to me and ask how they can stop emotional eating, and I always start by looking at the rhythm of their day and their meals and how satisfying and nourishing they actually are. Far too often I find that the emotions are not the only reason we eat, we are simply not eating enough food. We restrict to save calories and starve ourselves from true nourishment because we are so scared of gaining weight, yet we end up eating more to compensate.

Too many diets have shunned carbohydrates

Because we have heard over and over again that carbs are bad and we gain weight from carbs, we have become confused about how and what to eat. Not all carbs are our enemy and we need carbohydrates. We don’t need processed and refined carbohydrates though and that is the difference. It is the refined stuff that converts to sugar too fast that makes us gain weight.

It is not natural for us to completely avoid a whole food-group, and the point is to instead learn how to choose what is healthy for us within the different food-groups. In very basic terms we need carbohydrates, protein and fat. It is the quality that is most important and what gives us both health AND nourishment. When we choose complex whole fiber-rich carbohydrates we nourish and nurture not only our comfort but we also give ourselves a sustainable healthy energy source.

My new book (which you can preorder here) and the online program both cut thru the excessive amount of information out there that just leaves us even more confused about about how to eat and take care of ourselves. Some of these imbalances and confusion leads to emotional eating. The online program deals in depth with our mindfulness and awareness about why we do what we do, as well as the tools to change our habits that otherwise keep us stuck in patterns of unhealthy choices and emotional eating patterns. The book offers you the basic food-knowledge to help you feel full, satisfied, nourished, satiated, and gives you some tools to balance your plate to give you more health too.