– and how do we survive in it?

Solving a toxic culture is complex, challenging – and human. We need to start by recognizing that culture is about our human condition, experiences, and behaviors. In the past, we might have thought of culture as events, engagement, the energy in the room when we are together, and the added perks and benefits, and we could talk about what a great culture we had. But the thing is, what’s underlying a great culture is the human relationships that add up to culture. 

If we pause and dive deeper into that thought, we get to the conversations between us, which then means: 

How do we engage with care and show that we listen to understand and include the human in front of us? 

How do we show that people matter and we value their thoughts and contribution? 

When we care about people, we engage differently; we ask questions with curiosity, encourage courage and build confidence. We ask them what they need to do their best work, and we share with them why it matters and the impact it has. 

This is how we cultivate a culture where people feel they matter and belong, that their thoughts and contributions are valued, and that they have agency and autonomy in their work. Should be simple, right? 

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Originally published on March 23, 2023 at