Tiny Moments, Tiny Practices

A mindful Holiday practice

Recently I spoke at an event with Eileen Fisher about mindfulness and self-care. We had a great day with great speakers sharing “why’s” tips and tools about how to live more mindfully. Towards the end of the day we spoke about the holidays ahead and how we can take better care of ourselves during this time.

This is from Eileen Fisher LifeWork:

With all of the demands of the holiday season, we so often overlook our own self-care.

Whatever stresses you face, we invite you to make it a go-to habit to check in with yourself using this #TinyPractice shared by self-nourishment expert Jeanette Bronée.

Ask yourself this very important question to ask whenever you notice you’re in the middle of a stressful moment…

Look at the video on this link for the tiny practice that takes just a tiny moment.


This was filmed at Mindful Living, a LifeWork event held at the EILEEN FISHER showroom in New York City, fall 2017.

Happy ThanksGiving