The Days of Care

This year is a different holiday season for most of us, if not all of us. In some way we are all affected. We all share a collective awareness of the challenging times we are in. This year the Holiday Season is not necessarily a celebrated time with friends and family, more than ever it’s a time where people feel the loneliness and loss that’s the reality of our current lives.

When change happens to us, we can feel powerless and even hopeless because we don’t feel we have agency over our own lives. With COVID that’s exactly what happened. The uncertainty of not knowing what’s ahead and not feeling safe, is a drain on our nervous system and causes longterm stress. No wonder we feel tired. A little downtime is good and healthy, important for refilling our cup, but that’s a solution in itself.

We can always care

What we can do right now is care. We can care about each other, even at distance. And we can care about and for ourselves. If we are lucky to have people close to us, we can care for each other. And on a global level, we can care together. This is the time for humanity to matter.

Wishing you a peaceful Holiday season, whatever it may mean to you this year, please take good care of you.