Overwhelm is something we can feel in small moments or for days; for some, it can trigger an anxiety attack, and for most, overwhelm comes from the daily stream of more to do that adds up to chronic stress and a mind that feels like it’s about to boil over.

Most people I talk to feel overwhelmed, if not all the time, some of the time. We are living in a time where technology is increasing the speed of work, and we have still not gotten to the point where it takes over and helps us work less (maybe not less if we are realistic, but at least helps us work differently)

There are a few things that add to the overwhelm; too many different things to get done, too many people involved, too many unknowns, too much pressure to do it faster, and too many things getting added on as you go along… I could keep going, but I’m sure if I do, you will only feel even more overwhelmed.

When overwhelm has built up for a while, we tend to say we need self-care to recover. And we might need to recover if we have pushed hard for a while without the support system of The Self-Care Mindset®, but what if, instead, we could use the tools to cut through the overwhelm better?

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Originally published on March 1, 2023 at