THANK YOU 2023, HELLO 2024!


I thought about sharing great memories from 2023 with you. But I realized that would just be about me, and this newsletter is meant to be for you. I don’t think that sharing photos of me on stage at speaking events or while doing a book-signing or team facilitation would be very inspiring beyond tutting my own horn. Though I do hope my journey of challenges and change does inspire you to grow through adversity too. 

So let’s focus on lessons learned that we can take with us into 2024. 


This year I was once again reminded that things change, constantly, and if we get attached to a projected outcome, we get hurt, stressed, and stuck. 

There’s a saying that what we resist persists. In Buddhism the lesson is to let be. This year my agility was once again tested because not much worked out as planned, and yet isn’t that often the case in real life? 

So instead of looking back with judgment of what we didn’t achieve, goals that failed, and things we could have done differently, let’s pause to reflect on what we learned from the challenges and use our new wisdom to navigate whatever 2024 brings our way. 

Learning is the foundation for growth. The more we learn about ourselves by pausing, listening with curiosity and asking more questions, the more we grow from challenges, instead of just cheering on successes.

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