Thanksgiving is sharing

– fantastic vegetable dishes.

I did not grow up with Thanksgiving so I don’t stick to traditions, but even so, if you do then adding vegetables makes all the difference. Normally the stuffed turkey is the center of the table, but saving the turkey we have stuffed a trout instead. The way I cook I think of ingredient and how I can make them tasty. I never learned how to cook in the classical way of cooking, I simply just focus on cooking and mixing different ingredients, and it becomes a meal. It adds some freedom to explore, and it makes such better use of what you might have in the fridge on a day to day basis. So go for it.

My favorite is the mix of sweetness.

The seasonal vegetables are sweet.. .yum. One of my favorites is butternut squash. It can be served as slices, chunks, as soup or roasted with red onion wedges: Simple roasting in the oven with oil and herbs for about 35-45 minutes. I use sesame oil so my oven is at 425 degrees but if you use olive oil you need to stay at 350 degrees.

Roasted cabbage

The most simple, yet very yummy way to cabbage. Sautée in wedges on the pan or roast in the oven with your other veggies.

No table is complete without something green.

Brussels Sprouts was one food I would just not eat as a child and now it is one of my favorites. Normally I roast them in the oven, but here I just cut them to loosen the leaves and gave them a really fast sauté.

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