Productivity is not a hack; it’s not about doing more with less time. Productivity is about being effective, and there’s a system for that. 

Think of productivity as a support system that creates the basis for a fast response. The challenge is that a fast response usually falls back on instinct and reaction based on learned behaviors. Therefore, we get stuck doing what we have always done –and it renders us unproductive if our job is to solve problems. Especially for leaders and managers, it’s how we get stuck fixing potholes instead of what’s causing them and solving problems faster in the future. 

We live in a fix-it mentality. We can even see that with our habits and our relationship with ourselves. We want to lose weight, so we go on a diet, but we don’t make the effort to learn how to change our eating habits and choices. We see that with change, where we take too long to let go of old ways of working and instead stick to what we know and save time for now, but become less agile for the future. 

In the name of short-term speed, we waste long-term time.

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Originally published on January 10, 2024 at