Pick your Tea

Tea is my favorite beverage.

It used to be coffee but I kicked the addiction and even though I am pretty addicted to a good cup of tea, it is not that same “gotta have it or I will die” kind of feeling – it is just a nice self-nourishing moment that I enjoy either on my own, with friends, and with clients in my office. Often someone comes in and says; “can we make a pot?” And yes we can.

Why tea and not coffee?

Because the way coffee affects the body it can feel like you are having an anxiety attack after drinking it. It increases your focus yes, but that is because it kicks your adrenal juice up a notch and with that your fight and flight mode, which also means it spikes your cortisol levels.  That is why you crash when you come down off it again.

If you are one of those who drink it all the time you might not even notice. I was that way too when I was used to drinking several cups per day; it felt more like I did not exist unless I was high on coffee. That was in my old days in the fashion industry.

My favorites are:

Puerh for the morning

Green jasmine pearl for day-time and a blended tea.

Rooibos for the evening and sometimes mixed with flower petals or other fragrant delights. I also love mixing it with cut licorice root or another blended herbal tea.

In my online program I teach a lot more about why tea and not coffee, but this is just to share some favorite choices.

I get my bulk tea from Rae at Holy Mountain Trading Company. They have a lot of organic teas and the quality is amazing.

For blended teas I like Nini’s Tay Tea. With names like “Better than Sex” and “Lover’s Tea” who would not enjoy a cup.