Marinated Kale

This one is a “how to”

– because you will use this recipe over and over again.

Marinated kale is now a staple in our house because it is fast and easy to make, goes well with just about anything, and it beats steamed kale in deliciousness.

Eating kale raw, and many other vegetables for that matter, is very hard to digest and can cause gas and discomfort. Marinating and massaging/pressing breaks down the cell wall that our digestive enzymes in the stomach otherwise would have to break down as part of the digestive process. This marinating process however leaves all the nutrients intact since there is no heat involved in the “cooking” and it is as close to eating raw food as you can get, -without it actually being raw.


  • kale
  • sea-salt
  • olive-oil
  • mirin, brown-rice vinegar or lemon juice.


Chop the kale finely. You can make the whole bunch or take out just for one meal. For one meal you are going to want at least 5 stems of kale. I normally make the whole bunch at a time because it will hold up well in the fridge for the next meal.

Put all the chopped kale in a stainless steel or glass bowl, drizzle a large dash of sea-salt over it (about 1 – 2 teaspoon depending on how much kale you are making) and start massaging with your hands.

Add some mirin, brown-rice vinegar, or lemon juice. Keep massaging, add olive oil.

Put a large plate over the kale a bowl to press it down. You can omit this if you have massaged it really well. You can use a rock or something heavy on top if the plate does not press it down well. This is how you can easily make a pressed salad with most vegetables actually.

Leave for a good 20 min. before it is ready to serve.

You can keep marinated kale in the fridge for a at least another day.