Make it green

Does size matter?

Those small micro greens, sprouts and mine greens are powerhouse when it comes to nutrients and nourishment. We are so used to think more is better, but that is not how it works when it comes to nourishment. I am not sure that is how it works with anything really. More is not better, BETTER IS. And that is why these little tiny micro-greens are packed with nutrients, and that means more nourishment for our bodies.

And they are green.

Our liver loves greens. In Chinese medicine, liver is also the organ for Spring, so not wonder we crave greens when spring is in the air. Our entire body and especially our liver is longing to feel fresh, vibrant, and young again. No matter what age we are at!

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Micro-greens, sprouts and seeds are super-foods, because they pack the nutrients for the entire full-grown version, inside that little seed. It is similar to an egg. An egg holds the power to make a whole chicken. Another reason why we don’t need more eggs, we just need really good ones that actually have the high nutrients in them. Another example where better is better.

Studies also show that organic foods “work harder” to survive conditions and therefore develop higher nutrient levels. Of course it is also because the soil they are grown in has higher nutrient levels too.

So add something green

To everything and anything really. You can snack on it, drink it, have it as garnish or eat is as part of your meals. And maybe just a little bit more is actually better when it comes to something green.

Path for Life – Photo Torkil Stavdal