A Nourished Life

We live in stress and we seek to find peace.

For some that means getting out of town. For some it means to meditate daily. For some it means being with friends or family. Walking the dog. Doing yoga. Whatever it means to either one of us, we need to find ways to be with ourselves in a peaceful and nourishing mindful way that matters to us as individuals.

For me feeling nourished means nature.

This article is from Alpine Modern Magazine and features the story of how we came to build our dream in a secret meadow in the Catskills. It talks about the process of creation, but it also shares some of my story about how I pulled the plug on my career as a designer and fashion executive to find ways to help others find their Path to nourishment.

The magazine is fantastic. Many great story and amazing design. Get here it online.

Nourishment is not just about food.

Nourishment is how we feel in our environment, the things, people and places that we interact with and create relationships with. You can argue that material things, such as furniture and other elements of a house, are not something we have a relationship with but I will argue otherwise. Being a Feng Shui consultant for many years (since the early 90’s actually – bet you did not know that about me) I have learned that everything holds a story, especially if it is a choices that matters to us. That is how our environment gives us not just a sense of atmosphere but also nourishment. Not because it is “important, expensive or a fancy brand” but because it is something that reminds us of something that we resonate with, it tells a story, or simply gets us in a specific felt sense way of being. That is also why we feel good in one place and not another. The environment we are in can feel nourishing, comfortable, safe or it can feel unnerving, cold, stressful… I am sure you know what I mean.

Mindfulness is about noticing.

So again it is not about noticing the status-symbol, look or quality of something but rather noticing how something makes you feel. That is how we develop relationships with everything that surrounds us, not just people and food, but how something affect us, makes us feel, perhaps even triggers us is all something to be mindful of noticing… and that is why everything is a relationship!

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