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My new book is here!

Ok I sneaked a little mini book-party in already, pre-sold some books here on the site, and Amazon has already told me they shipped out several books, but it is official! Just in time for National Nutrition Month and TEDx Manhattan, Changing the Way We Eat.

It is so very exciting and I am looking so much forward to sharing it with you. I have been wanting to write my own book for a long time, but I put all my efforts into the online program first. I have been a contributor to several books over the past years, but this is my first baby.

You can find it on Amazon as paperback and Kindle, in iBooks, and here in the store.

“Eat to Feel Full (and Nourish Yourself for Good) is a beginner’s guide to self-nourishment with a focus on basic food knowledge — including a lucid explanation of hunger and digestion and an in-depth guide to the foods and eating habits that will help you stay satisfied longer after a meal. Eat to Feel Full is a handbook that aims to help its readers feel better about eating, feel better after eating, and gain mastery of their appetites through an increased sense of well-being”.

Why this book?

I wrote the book because so many people come to me confused about what to eat, especially for health and weight-loss. Most think they need to diet, restrict and restrain themselves to get healthy and especially to lose weight. Well that just doesn’t work. The thing is – it is not the next new diet that is going to get you there. What we need is to feel nourished, satiated, and how to master our appetites. Learning how to eat real food and good meals and by understanding how food affects YOU  is the self-nourishing way to get you there. That is what food-knowledge is all about. It is NOT more information that is going to make the difference, but rather the understanding of why you want to choose one food over another, because you can see the relationship between the food and you. That is empowered eating and leads to sustainable eating habits that gives you better health and weight-loss long-term. No more diet-mind and yo-yo eating.

Recently a study was published showing that fiber is the key to weight-loss. Well yes, it is… and this book will teach you that too, including how to actually eat that way. It will also teach you some tricks to mastering your cravings and give you some insider notes to the habits that support a daily healthy way of eating… and living with food. We all have to eat, we might as well make the best of it!

The book is a handbook.

You can bring it with you, you can tuck it in a hand-bag and even in a pocket. I really hope for this book to be like a friend that helps you naturally change your ways with food. A supporter and cheerleader that helps inspire you to eat better. And a reference that helps you shop and cook. It has both a Shopping List and Cooking Basics in the back of the book, because if you are like me, cooking is not a skill I was taught. I learned to cook by getting to know the different ingredients and how to prepare them; then I could put a meal together. The Cooking Basics will teach you how to cook basic ingredients in a simple way that allows you to learn to be more creative with your meals. If you can cook ingredients, you can create amazing meals!

I hope you will get the book and enjoy it fully. Please let me know how you like it.

The blog here will also give you more ideas, and the online program would give you tons of recipes. There are at least 200 recipes in the online program and the library keeps growing.

Path for Life - Eat to Feel Full - Photos: Torkil Stavdal

Path for Life – Eat to Feel Full – Photos: Torkil Stavdal