Why is everyone talking about the Power of Pausing?  

Yesterday I had a conversation with a group of leaders and we were discussing the role that innovation needs to play in our daily approach to work. What started this conversation was a recent workshop I attended where Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva was discussing how companies and leaders tend to wait to innovate until the current product or service is starting to fade, instead of innovating before it’s needed.

It reminds me of when I was in the fashion industry, where every couple of months we had to introduce new styles to stay relevant. It was both exhausting and exciting. It kept us on our toes, it was a lot of fun to see what the next season would bring and it kept us always changing things around.

It felt like there was never any time to pause and that’s exactly the problem with innovation. Unless we make it our job to innovate and we recognize that we cannot innovate under pressure, most don’t make time for it. Part of my discussion with the group of leaders yesterday was the recognition that innovation can help us work more effectively and yet they didn’t have time to figure out how to do things differently.

Without pausing, we get stuck constantly working to catch up to the speed of change and get caught not being ready when innovation comes knocking.

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Originally published on February 14, 2024 at