Is 2020 about health?

Health can’t wait.

We set goals and we make plans, we start out strong and then… life happens, work gets busy and we drop ourselves like hot potato. Health can wait…

In 2020 I predict that it cannot. Health cannot wait in 2020, you cannot wait to take care of yourself till you have time. You will never get time… at least not while you are healthy. I know it sounds like doomsday here, but hear me out.

I have seen it too often and I have done it myself. I can make it until the project is over and then I will… I can eat better on Monday because right now I just need to relax and enjoy myself because I had a long week… I can drink tonight because tomorrow I will just… We do this to ourselves, because we are built to survive and we are trying to keep up with the speed of technology, completely forgetting that the speed of human technology is quite different and actually far more powerful. Far more!

Burnout is real

We humans are strong and resilient. But we are not machines, we are not supposed to be and actually even machines need a reboot from time to time. They sure need their batteries charged, so I’m not sure why we are so good at keeping an eye out for our phones running out of battery, as if it’s a life-line (I know it is for most of us actually), but we are not checking our own batteries. Even when noticing it’s running low, we just spike it up with coffee and sugar, instead of actually re-charging our bodies, by sitting still, drinking water, eating something. Just a simple pause.

This is the interesting thing though, through the years of teaching people self-care, and taking really good care of myself too, I have found that what causes burnout is not what we think, or is it?

It is not just the lack of sleep, not eating all day and then eating too much at night with that extra glass of wine and dessert, or not taking a break on the weekends and never just taking downtime. Burnout is not just what we think self-care is about.

Burnout is actually a lot more about what we think. Or rather how we think. It is how we use our mind, or as I like to call it, it is our relationship with ourselves, that sets us up for burning out. You know, that self-talk that either supports us or tears us down. The emotional burnout. (You will hear me speak a lot more about that in 2020 so stay tuned).

What could change?

What if we could simple pause for a moment and just check in with ourselves. Kindly ask ourselves; how am I right now and what do I need so that I can…? What could change, if you learn how to pause, for just a moment, before you react. Before you fall into the old habit.

I call it power-pausing.

That moment, the small gap, when we have the opportunity to change. That moment, that we often miss, because we are so busy just doing and keeping up. That moment, where instead of doing what we have always done, we have choice. That moment, where we can find clarity of mind, reconnect with our heart, and ask inside; what matters right now and how can I best achieve the purpose I am aiming for.

2020 focus and strategy

What if, for 2020, your focus is to change your relationship with yourself to be a healthy, loving, kind, supportive relationship? You know… the kind you would love to have with those around you. What would your habits be like? What would your self-talk be like? What would your possibilities become? How would you grow, both personally and professionally if you were to support YOU in doing so?

Think about it, what could change if your intention for 2020 was to learn to power-pause? One simple little change (not easy, just simple), what else could change?

2020 Work / Life Quality Predictions

For 2020 I predict, that our humanity will matter so much more than how fast we work. That who we are as human beings, is the value we bring to the table. That how we think and how we feel, will be our superpower and how we connect, engage and interact on a human level, is how we solve problems and create growth.

I predict, that we no longer have to hide who we are, to belong. Actually we have to stand up, show up and speak up about what makes us unique, so that we feel seen and accepted for our core human values and qualities.

I predict, that what we will long for the most, is clarity of mind and heart, to do the work that matters, to have the relationships that nourish us, and to live a life that makes us happy.

Happy New Year

I am looking so much forward to seeing how you will love being you a lot more in 2020 and how that will help you take charge of your personal and professional healthy life. Please be in touch!