Got something to share?

Do it in a book.

Often people ask me about my book and the journey it has taken me on to write it. They also ask me if another one is coming soon. And yes I have two books in me right now that I want to write actually. Now each book is a commitment and a process that can be both challenging and fun. The challenging part should however not stop you from writing a book. Do you have one you want to write?

When I first started out writing my last book, EAT TO FEEL FULL, I figured I would just go for it. I had written a book before and also contributed chapters to other peoples’ books and I wrote a lot already with my blogging and publishing articles. Still the process of writing a book was not as simple and easy, and not always as much fun as I thought it would be. And then came the publishing and marketing part – oh gosh. I learned so much about it. After. Especially about what not to do. But that gets you to how to do it next time so don’t worry about that!

At the same time I loved the process because it was like giving birth to something and I love my book, even with all the hard work. I also love that it is still out there helping people find their way to eating better, for them instead of getting stuck on diets. And I am still getting checks from Amazon for sales even though we are coming up on 3 years soon. People still ask me about things they read in the book or tell me how it has changed how they feel every day. Even this long after it was published, it is still new for so many.

So it is never too early or too late to get started on a book when you have something to share. Now don’t start wondering if you have something worth sharing – we all go through that too.

So I’m telling you this because a dear friend, Dorothy Holtermann, has an amazing online book course called BIRTH A BOOK that will help you get past all of those difficult moment, the doubts, the fears and the worries. She will help you learn how to have fun in the process and teach you how to write your book. She will also teach you how to get your book published and marketed to the readers that are waiting to hear from you. And I know one more thing about Dorothy, she will be there for you because she was also someone, who did not know how to begin when she first started writing her book. So she decided to learn everything there is to know about writing a book and getting it out there so that she could help others do exactly that.

So check it out – I will be doing a mini-class about how to eat to feed your creativity (and tame your fears) as part of the course too.

Learn more here and you can sign up here too.