Fresh Food

The special ingredient

When we talk to people here in Costa Rica, both farmers and chefs, we consistently hear the word fresh. The food is fresh because they grow, harvest and catch it themselves, or they get it directly from those who do. The farmer’s market is where the local people shop for fresh food and the farmers come down from the mountains for a two-day farmer’s market in the town of Quepos.

The local way

Many of the farmer’s that we talked to were small farms, family farms and cooperative farming communities. The sense that farming is a way of preserving the forest and the land was such an important reason for many of the farmers. They worked together to create this sustainable approach to keeping the land healthy. And themselves too.

Living with abundance

For many of the farmer’s there was a lushness and abundance in their fresh food and in their attitude to share the delights as well. Offering me to taste and even though the farmer right next to them had similar offerings, they were all in it together. There is a true sense of care and abundance here, which we could all learn from. Not just in our daily attitude, but also in how we select our food.

Start with fresh

The food here is similar and simple, and yet it is not. The same ingredients; the stable vegetables, rice, fish, chicken, meat, and fruit is all pretty simple and yet abundant. Herbs and spices are the second special ingredient, but they all start with fresh.


Farming organic and natural products that preserve the land and do not leave garbage behind is however not the only thing that makes this a sustainable place, the community is what keeps it sustainable because for the people in Costa Rica, sustainability actually doesn’t start with fresh, it starts with people.

As a sign said;

"Nature does not know what to do with your garbage. Recycle".

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