Egg-Salad Minus the Mayo

Egg salad

Adding avocado to the eggs makes a creamy egg-salad without the mayo and of course it is more green and healthy too.


  • Egg – one per person
  • Avocado – 1/2 per person
  • Marinated kale or blanched – or arugula… just something green


Make a soft-boiled egg (5-7 min. depending on where you are relative to sea-level)

Cut the avocado into chunks and mix in a bowl with the soft-boiled egg… which you also cut into chunks.

When you feel it is all well mixed, add greens to your liking and served with either flax-cracker or gluten free bread… if you are gluten free.

Otherwise choose a dark rye bread or a sourdough farmer’s type bread.