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There has been so much going on. It is so very exciting and I am grateful that I am getting such great feed-back on the book. I hope this little handbook can help many people get healthy without dieting.

Here is a little view and you can keep updated on the new press and event page.

You and Me This Morning in Chicago

Learn the secret to mastering your appetite. Jeanette Bronée tells us more about emotional eating and how to conquer it.
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We are talking about emotional eating and how Eat to Feel Full and shifting our habits can helps us master our appetite and stop emotional eating.

IndyStyle TV with Tracy Forner and Amber Hankins

Watch how Amber Hankins and I get Tracy Forner to eat breakfast. We are talking about why it is important and what to eat to master our energy and our hunger for the day.


Indystyle TV with Tracy Forner and Amber Hankins

In this segment we are talking about how being healthy can also be convenient and fast, without eating fast food and junk. Mastering our appetite and feel full if important to master our cravings, our eating and energy for the day.


Good Day Fox4 News Eat To Feel Full with Lauren Przybyl and Tim Ryan | Dallas-Fort Worth News, Weather, Sports

NBC DayTimeTv with Jerry Penacoli

WFLA News Channel 8

Talk-Radio with Bill Swail and People’s RX Austin’s no. 1 Talk-Back

Dr. Nicole Bird Talk-Show

Talking emotional eating and how we shift our thoughts that keep us stuck. #motivation #selfnourishment #selflove #eattofeelfull

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