Easy Breakfast

For morning nourishment

Many don’t get a good start to the day for a variety of reasons. Making breakfast is one of your most important self-care habits and a simple way to get a better start on your day.

Choosing to make breakfast at home and sit down with it before running out the door is more about being centered and finding your calm before the storm, so to speak, rather than something you have to do. How we start the day, centered and mindful or in a tumble, has an effect on how we feel for the rest of the day. Playing catch up and feeling stressed will wear you out and can cause you to stress eat or snack throughout the day and overeat at night, simply because you feel so drained. Having breakfast not only helps balance your blood sugar and give you some energy (including brain energy) to start your day well, it also sends a message to your body that you care and take value in its ability to get your through another day. Even if you are not in a good relationship with your body, starting with breakfast can help you change that. Food is your fuel after all.

Here are two easy and simple recipes for a good morning start, another Nourishing HOW-TO’s