I’m not in the mood.

I think we have all been there. We wake up and we just don’t feel like doing it today. There’s a million other things that we would prefer to do instead of working. But, we have to show up. The thing is, we show up physically, but we are not really paying attention and emotionally we are resisting every hour of the day.

Some ask me if they are burned out when they feel that way, and they could be. However, it’s also the reality that we are just not in the same mood every single day and the image of the high achiever and peak performer who is always “on” and highly motivated is a bit of a myth. Or a person who’s living on coffee and driven by adrenaline like I used to be.


When we are constantly on we are not necessarily engaged in a way that makes a difference to our work. Instead, our mind might be on the hamster-wheel of the inner dialog that’s busy picking our work apart, doubting every word, second guessing every action, and beating ourselves up instead of building ourselves up.

We might do the same with every conversation we have with someone else. The inner critic tends to become the outer critic too. Meaning we listen with criticism instead of curiosity, we look for the problems instead of the possibilities.

The thing is, we don’t just wake up motivated.

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Originally published on January 31, 2024 at