Create remarkable relationships

Your most important relationship?

When I ask people what their most important relationship is, the one that has changed them most, taught them the most, and grown them the most, I get different answers; from parents to lovers, friends to co-workers, teachers and bosses. When I ask what relationship has given them the most heart-ache, dysfunctional or broken relationships come to mind.

We have so many relationships

Throughout our lives we go in and out of relationships, some last and some don’t. Some change us, some grow us and some hurt us. Every interaction is essential a relationship. Some matter more than others of course. We might have a relationship with the person, who sells us our morning coffee, and even if it is just a hello, how are you, have a good day kind of relationship, it is still an interaction that affects us and how we start our day.

We also have a relationship with money, we have a relationship with food, we have a relationship with work and we have relationship with people, who are either family or feel like family, because we feel connected in a soul-best-friend kind of way. And of course, romantic relationships and the one we typically think of as our relationship – marriage.

It starts with you

However, I believe that the relationship with have with ourselves, affects all the relationships we have with everything else and everyone else. Now it is a tall order to change the relationship we have with ourselves, because it has been many years in the making. Our stories and memories, experiences, hurts and happy moments, all add up to a perspective, a filter, a viewpoint and a belief about ourselves, that we overlay on our choices for self-care every day.

Now if you know me, you know that my pet-peeve is our relationship with self-care at work. I even spoke at the UN Headquarters in NYC recently about it. And that is also what I will be speaking about at this free online interview series starting February 14th.

Remarkable Relationship Interview Series

Kathryn Curtice and Kathy Kelly are professional energy healers and contemplative coaches, and they are on a mission to give people the tools they need to create and enjoy wonderful relationships.

If you’re unhappy in one, or if you find yourself constantly irritated with the people (partner, friends, business associates/co-workers, neighbors) in your life, it affects how you feel in general. Right?

They’re hosting this complimentary interview series, Remarkable Relationships, starting February 14. It brings together more than 20 experts, including me, to share strategies for creating positive and remarkable relationships is the most important factor in living a meaningful life with insights on creating happy, peaceful relationships.

You can reserve your spot, at no cost, here to Create Remarkable Relationships


When you sign up to join us for this series of powerful conversations, you’ll discover tools you can use immediately and over the long term to repair current relationships, start new, healthy ones, and enjoy every relationship more than ever.

Kathryn and Kathy are the perfect people to host this summit. Each has experienced painful relationships and have learned and utilized new practical tools for repairing them. They’ve been working in the energy healing and coaching fields for more than a decade, and in their individual practices, they often see people who are struggling in their relationships and therefore feel alone. That’s why they’re doing this series—to guide as many people as possible toward truly fulfilling relationships.

Reserve your spot at no cost here to get the tools you need for the relationships you crave:


There is a great lineup of speakers, and I’ll be listening in as well as speaking on February 24th. I hope you will join us.