There’s a lot of change going on these days. The impact of change in management, lay-offs, and the nature of our reality is such that essentially we must learn how to be more adaptable and agile, to navigate change without burning out. If you know me, you know I’m all about getting the tools to navigate the challenges we face. However, sometimes change also means we have to make a difficult decision.

We often stay in relationships and work-places, even when we are not happy, because change is daunting, uncomfortable, and just simply not easy. We might even wish for change, but are not taking action to create it. 

We’ve been talking about how to survive and solve toxic culture and reality is sometimes the choice to leave is difficult to make, but one must. I burned out in a toxic culture, I didn’t leave, I stayed thinking I just had to figure out how to work better. I had to figure out how to do more. Essentially I was miserable. I thought I was the problem (which often happens in a toxic culture) and I didn’t have the guts to decide to change, because I had already been going through so much change – I’d recently gotten divorced, moved, and made the huge decision to close my business to join my client as an Exec VP. So I stayed.

Until they fired me because my mom died and I had to be the care-giver for my dad. Yup… I had to figure out how to get comfortable with change once again…

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Originally published on April 10, 2023 at