If you are going through change at work or in your personal life, you can probably resonate with the thought “when will this be over?” When kids ask that question they mean the car ride, because they are really looking forward to the destination. They have an idea about what to expect. It might be grandma, the beach, somewhere to play, but it’s never the unknown, because we have made sure to paint a picture of what’s ahead and what to expect. And we always make it something to look forward to.

The vision that makes the unknown safe is essential to managing stress of change. A clear picture of why we are changing and what to expect is crucial for everyone to have in order to know what’s expected of them too.


Because we humans like to know what’s ahead. If not, we will wander aimlessly or resist ferociously.

As I have talked about before, we humans don’t like change and yet we also crave change. It’s a paradox really, however not one that means there’s something wrong with you for feeling this way.

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Originally published on February 22, 2024 at