To be raw or not?

What does your body say?

I get the question a lot – shouldn’t it be raw? And my answer is; your digestive system will tell you. There is so much information out there about what to eat, but the wisdom is within every single one of us. Our bodies will tell us what works for us and our digestive system is the first clue.

How do we know?

When I start working with people, I consistently see that we as human beings have forgotten that we are still human. We think the answer is out there and someone else knows what we should eat. I teach people how to listen to their own bodies again. Our bodies will tell us. The key is to learn how to listen and what to listen for. That is why I don’t only teach the food-knowledge, I also teach mindfulness because that is how we get to change the habits that would otherwise keep us stuck on repeat.

Things to know.

We are each a collection of organs, which is the machine that keeps it all going every day, without too much involvement from us. The way our organs interact and function, they do so between each other without us even knowing all the conversations (communication is key everywhere) they have with each other. It is like a family system where the organs support each other and use each other. That basically becomes the living organism that we are. It is a complex network of information, that you can compare to the most advanced computer in the world and at the same time, it is the most beautiful eco-system, that is balanced within its self-renewal and self-healing process, at least it is supposed to be.

That is where you come in.

When we are not in tune and in touch, when we do ask and we don’t listen to what our bodies truly need at a given moment, when we listen more to our head and our cravings, than our heart and our bellies, we make silly choices. And that is ok. Our bodies will work with us… at least for as long as it can. It will produce mucus to deal with too much sugar and flour-products to try to protect us from the acidity that these foods cause. Or it will try to get rid of stuff as fast as possible by giving us diarrhea. Or it will try to tell you, that it doesn’t know how to digest and process something, that it is stuck, by not moving anything along or move it very slowly, better known as constipation.

A client said to me yesterday, and she is not alone, I hear this all the time; “my body is working against me”. You may feel that way too, but I can promise you, your body is here for you!

“Your body is here for you”


Be a team

We can learn how to be a team again, best friends, the way we were before we lost our inherent connection. Our bodies are our foundation for how we live, work, perform and thrive every day.


In my new TEDx talk, that I am giving on April 8th at TEDxPSUBehrend I will be talking about how we can feed our bodies and use our felt sense to reconnect with our creativity so we can find our way forward with nourishment.

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And please

Be willing to work with your body, it is beautiful.


Most people do best with cooked cruciferous vegetables and only eat some raw like leafy greens, beets, carrots and radishes. This salad is simple to make.

  • Fresh arugula
  • Shredded or spiralized veggies from carrot, beets and red cabbage. You can also use zucchini and other roots that don’t need cooking.
  • Melon-radishes
  • Oranges (thinly sliced)
  • Micro-greens
  • Chopped scallions

Completely raw can be aggressive on the digestive system and sometimes also feel as if you are a rabbit. To make things a bit more interesting, and digestible, “marinate” with some sea-salt and massage the ingredients, then add a small amount of vinegar like rice-vinegar or brown rice vinegar, or you can try umeboshi vinegar, if you like some adventure. Use less sea-salt if you use this. Blend or massage again before serving. You can also use some light spices like cayenne which gives it a nice extra kick or make a dressing with herbs and olive-oil.

Eat with the season

Raw is a spring and summer thing because raw food is cooling, which is also why people who “run hot” tend to crave raw and crunchy stuff more than people who “run cold”. I run cold and my digestive system does not like raw. It makes me feel like I am not satisfied and I start craving something sweet. My body wants more cooked and sweet foods, and I listen to it. And sometimes, some days, on a warm spring or hot summer day, I go for raw.

More like this?

You can learn a lot more about that with the online nourishment program and it will also teach you how to find your way home to your own body again. And I am also available for private sessions.

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