Why Nourishment Matters

Healing the disconnect: why food, farming and mindfulness matters | Jeanette Bronée | TEDxUnisinos

Jeanette Bronée, a Nourishment Expert, Integrative Nutrition and Meta-Medicine Health-Coach, and author, examines the relationship between our constantly connected tech-based lifestyle and our disconnected relationship with food, our bodies, ourselves, and each other. Then, she shows us where to find the solution. – hint, it’s with you all the time – and how to access it. In 2004, she founded Path for Life to increase our awareness of our own power for illness prevention and healing by understanding how our choices affect our bodies. For more than 10 years, she has worked with people of all ages and stages, helping them take charge of their health by shifting from fear to mindfulness. She is the author of the acclaimed book, eat to feel full and nourish yourself for good, which challenges our perception of having to restrict and diet to get healthy and lose weight.