Summer eating

Baby it is hot out there.

And we want to cool down. We also might not feel like eating on a hot day, but not eating is not an option, at least not a very nourishing one.

Nourishment is all about a sustainable way of eating and living. It is a way of taking care of ourselves where we can feel in optimal balance with ourselves and our environment. Nourishment essentially is the closest we have to love and care. It is a relationship we have with ourselves and it is how we inter-act and relate to others in our daily life.

“We cannot thrive if we are not nourished.”

Food first.

Even a snack is best when it is actually made from real food. You might have heard that we should snack more and eat less, but what I see happening all the time “in real life” with my clients is that when we snack a lot, we also end up eating way too much, but not from good sustainable food source, but rather from convenient packaged snack bars and such. At the end of the day we still want real food and we end up eating just as much as we would have, and all the snacks are just extra. Extra that we actually don’t need if we jut eat our 3 meals a day.

But I’m not that hungry.

When we are stressed and running on high alert we are not that hungry, but that does not mean that we don’t need food. When we are under stress our hormones are also under stress, and that means they are not going to tell us that we are hungry, because as far as our hormones know, we need to keep being on the move to survive. Our body’s operating system is still basic, even if our technology is up to speed with the last update. We cannot override what we need as human beings, what we can do is learn how to master our self-nourishment so we thrive.

Tomato / Melon Salad.

Melon is very hydrating and usually I suggest to not mix melons with other foods, but since tomatoes don’t have starch or sugar and is mostly water, the acid in the tomatoes and the sweetness in the melon balance each other nicely, with some fresh spring onion, basil and mint, topped with olive oil, fresh ground red peppercorn and some sea-salt. It is a great summer snack or light meal on a hot day, it is also a great appetizer for a summer dinner meal.