Happy Thanksgiving

Gather your Blessings

I hope you can take a quiet moment to reflect and gather your blessings. Small or large, we often forget to notice them. Either because we think of blessings as only being something big and wonderful (which it is too), or because we tend to focus on what is not working and we miss the little stuff in our everyday life that we do have.

Today, consider to start the practice of gathering your blessings. Even if they are small and tiny. The small blessings are what makes life a little more magical because they bring us into the present moment.

Some simple ideas:

1. A nice cup of tea.

Practice receiving. We often miss the little blessings because we are uncomfortable receiving.

2. Dogs playing.

The simple joy of being in the moment.

3. A flower.

The beauty of life growing.

4. Pausing for a breath.

The stillness within.

5. Smiles between strangers.

The heart opening without being guarded.

6. A walk in nature.

Being part of something greater than Self.

7. Enjoying the sun, clouds, rain, or snow.

Whatever the weather is, we know it will change. So will whatever we struggle with in life including our emotions.

8. Sharing meals of good quality real food.

The fact that we have access to food is a blessing in itself, which we often take for granted and consume instead of honoring.

9. Being in this body, which allows us to exist and experience our daily lives.

Our bodies work so hard for us everyday without a thank you. What if you were grateful for the blessing of being able to function everyday, would your relationship with your Self and your body change? Probably!

A big hug to everyone.

Thank you for being there. Everyday I am grateful that I have found my Path for my Life. Life is a process and I enjoy the journey. It has not always been an easy road to travel, but I feel blessed in my daily life and I am continuously inspired by you; my clients, readers, friends and family. Thank you!

My wish is for more people to have access to getting healthy in a Path for Life kind of way. And please consider to join the online program so you can get healthy for real in 2015.

Happy Thanksgiving.