Got the sniffles?

My super immune-system booster potion

It might not be the cure, but it is a good dose of immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory goodies in a yummy soothing drink. And in case you did not know – boosting your immune system is what keeps the colds and flu away, the stronger your immune system is, the stronger your chances against the seasonal bacteria and viruses. For longterm health and wellness you need anti-inflammatory foods, spices and herbs in your daily food-life. Inflammation is what is considered the root-cause of disease.

Soothing anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cold tonic


Is an anti-inflammatory Superfood. It is normally used for digestive issues and can help you ease nausea when you feel sick. It is also used to lower pain that is caused by inflammation, such as joint pain, which often comes along with the flu. It helps promote detoxification by creating inner heat so you can burn off those bacteria that are haunting you.


Is “anti-microbial” which means it slows the growth of bacteria. It is also anti-inflammatory, so it boosts your overall health and immune-system. Additionally the scent can help boost your brain, which is helpful when you feel all foggy from a cold. Cinnamon also helps balance blood-sugar, which can be helpful when you add the raw honey, even though raw honey does not affect blood-sugar imbalances the way other sugars do. Cinnamon and ginger is used together as a remedy for the common cold in Chinese Medicine.

Star of Anise

Is a high anti-oxidant and helps fight respiratory infections; it helps to both drink it and to take a nice breath in while drinking it too. It helps against bacteria, yeast and fungi, and is high in shikimic acid, which is what is used in flu medication. Make sure you get the Chinese version though, since the Japanese one is poisonous.

Raw honey

Is another Superfood, but choose the raw unpasteurized version to get the benefits. The syrup stuff will not do the trick. Raw honey is anti-everything about the cold; anti-bacterial and anti-viral and anti-fungal so it can help soothe not only your sweet-tooth, but also your cold. It is also anti-inflammatory and alkalizing where sugar is acidifying and it is an anti-oxidant. It is used to treat respiratory congestion, bronchitis and asthma. For seasonal allergies, local raw honey is believe to help best.

Don’t use the syrup stuff, only the raw honey has the health benefits.  That is the thick yellow honey that comes in a glass jar, and sometimes you can buy it right off the comb. Make sure it is raw and not heated since that is what has the enzymes and the health benefits. Otherwise you are pretty much just adding sugar.

Health Tonic

Now this remedy is not just great for the common cold. Since it helps fight bacteria and fungi in your body overall, it is great potion for fighting off the bacteria of candida too. You can add a tiny dash of cayenne and some lemon to make it more of a cleansing tonic.

Adding to the goodness, all of the above ingredients have great digestive and stomach soothing properties, so if you don’t have a cold, you can still brew this drink for an after dinner tonic to help you feel better and beat a sweet craving too.


  • 1 chunk of ginger sliced (about 1″)
  • 1 stick of cinnamon –
  • 1 star of Anise
  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 tea-spoon of raw honey per cup (added later)


Boil everything but the honey in water for a good 10-15 minutes.  If you add more ginger, you can make a couple of cups of it.

Leave the ingredients in the pot and just pour the “tea” in your cup or thermos. It is ready to serve with a tea-spoon of raw honey. You can keep the ingredients for a couple of brews and just add more ginger. One spoon of raw honey for each cup. It must be raw honey to have any of the health benefits!

Enjoy and think drink healthy!