Follow the light

Holiday Wishes

When I was a kid my favorite thing for the Holidays was the candles and the lights everywhere. It still is. In the summer I love bonfires in the night and as a Dane there are always the candles all throughout the winter to bring us “HYGGE”, which is the Danish version of cozy. HYGGE includes light and it might include blankets, tea, glass of wine, snacks, food, meals with friends or family or a good book on your own. There really are no rules other than feeling nourished.

Another version of light for me is the stars. Some feel small when they look at the stars out there in our big universe, I feel connected. When I was scared as a kid my dad would always take me to the window so we could look at the stars. I am not sure why it always calmed me down but it did. It still does.

The light reminds me that there is something inside of me that wants to be nourished and it reminds me that even in the darkness, we can find our way. We can follow the light. Sometimes we have to light it ourselves with an intention, a wish, a hope or a dream. Sometimes we simply need to notice what is already there.

For this Holiday season I wish you much light, a lot of HYGGE, insane amount of jolly time with friends and family, and perhaps also some awesome self-time, where you can just nourish your light. The one that shines inside of you. In your heart, your spirit, your soul.

May the Light be with You & Happy Holidays.