Why nourishment matters

I just spoke at TEDx

I spoke about why food, farming and mindfulness matters in how we heal the disconnect that we are experiencing everyday.

Food is our most basic nutrient to get us through the day, but in our daily busy lives, where time is the new currency, we tend to make choices based on convenience, availability and taste. We eat to silence our hunger, entertain our taste buds and distract our mind. We like options,- and we like them fast.

As a result, food has become something we use, like another consumer product, that we mindlessly buy and then throw away.

Sure we’re trying to keep up with life, using technology to work harder, function faster and produce smarter.

But are we truly thriving or are we merely surviving?

We humans have been so resilient for thousands of years and we’ve been able to survive a scarcity of food, because our bodies are designed to be able to starve for a while and then binge to make sure we don’t die.

Now that worked when Saber-toothed tigers were chasing us, but today? Not so much.

Even if a deadline at work feels like life and death, grazing on nature’s supply of snacks is not the same as the junk we find in the hallways of our offices. And finishing off the day sitting in front of the TV with a big bowl of food, is not how our bodies were designed to exist.

And it’s making us sick.

The challenge I see every day working with people, is that we are feeding ourselves without a relationship to WHY we eat, because we’ve lost the connection, not only with ourselves, but also with our food and where it comes from.

We focus on calories instead of how food makes us feel, and we eat based on cravings and desires, rather than what our bodies truly need to feel better.

To perform at today’s speed, we end up with fast meals and no time to cook and our relationship with food has become not only confusing, but also damaging.

So how do we find our way forward?

We need to learn how to pause and listen more. To our own bodies. Our bodies are amazing. We are living inside these vessels of super-intelligence that already know how to exist, even if we don’t.

But we can learn how to listen. We can become a team with our own bodies!

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