Summer Pasta – Zucchini

Veggies made into pasta

Pasta can feel a bit heavy, even if you use gluten-free and tends to be more of a comfort food. This version makes pasta fresh and light, while still giving you the fiber and fat that helps you feel full. It is made with zucchini and a spiralizer, which is all you need to make a nice summer meal without the cooking.


  • 1 summer squash / zucchini
  • sea-salt and fresh ground pepper
  • olive oil
  • lemon-juice
  • pine-nuts
  • ramp-leaves (optional – cilantro, micro-greens or other fresh herbs work just as well)


  • Spiralize your zuchinni – 1 gives you 1-2 portions depending on size
  • Drizzle with sea-salt and massage lightly.
  • Mix with herbs of choice.
  • Add olive oil (other oil is an option too – like pumpkin seed oil, flax or hemp).
  • Add a little fresh squeezed lemon (to your taste) and some fresh ground pepper.
  • Top it off with slightly roasted pine-nuts (raw is fine too). If you are roasting the pine-nuts – put them in a dry sauté pan on medium heat and baby-sit them since they turn black really fast. Stir them while baby-sitting them.