Simple sunday breakfast

Egg and toast.

Start out the year nourished. Start out your day nourished. Eat breakfast! Step 1 in the online program teaches us about how to find a rhythm that supports our day. The morning routine is important because it sets you up for the day.

This is an old, loved, time-tested recipe. So why not pick it up again. Gluten free toast works well with this, but of course you can use any wholegrain dense and yummy bread. My favorite is sourdough. Cut out a hole in the middle using the top of a glass. Put it in a baking dish and crack the egg into the toast and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 min. for a runny yoke.

And yes. Eat the yoke for health!

Many have been mislead for years about avoiding the yoke, but if you eat eggs from happy, free chicks, without antibiotics and GMO feed, then the yoke is so very nourishing for you. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are the good fats, it nourishes and helps you feel satiated and satisfied. Often we over-eat because our food is empty from nourishment, so eat whole, that includes the egg. Emotional eating often comes from simply not feeling we get what we need. Of course not just from the food, also from life, but start with the food!

You can learn a lot more about why fat is not the enemy, but also which fats to eat for health, in the online program. Sign up now for a healthy 2015!