Online Course + Session





This gift package includes the complete Path for Life Self Nourishment Online Course (1 year subscription), plus an initial 60 minute get-ready-to-change-session with Jeanette Bronée, now for just $350 — a savings of $100 and a perfectly healthy gift for a healthy holiday or new year!

Online Nourishment Course

The complete 9-step Online Nourishment Program, 1 year subscription. Nourishment is about learning how to take really good care of your Self with food-knowledge, mindful eating, and the tools to change our habits. The program teaches you how to become aware of the foods that nurture and nourish you, including the habits and emotions that drive and guide your choices.

Personal coaching session to get started on your new Path (60 minutes)

This session is a get-ready-to change-session that will help you get the most out of your online program. It includes an evaluation of your current health and habits, and recommendations for how to proceed.

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