The Complete Change



The complete personal change is tailored for you


– initial session (90 min.) In this session we figure out your personal challenges and what our focus for our time together will be.

– plus 9 following personal coaching sessions (55 min.) In these sessions we work on your personal challenges that emerge while you are in the process of transforming your health and your relationship with food… and your Self.

– the entire 9-step online Self-Nourishment program with 1 year subscription,

-in-between email support.

You will have 10 personal sessions in total.

Self-Nourishment is about learning how to take really good care of our Self with food-knowledge, mindful eating, and the tools to change our habits. The program teaches you how to become aware of the foods that nurture and nourish you, including the emotions that drive and guide your choices. We will identify your personal health challenges and how to overcome them from a mind-body-medicine perspective, including learning how to use food as your medicine. It will be a journey to your healthy self, whatever that means to you. That is what we will figure out together.

If you struggle with digestive disorders, diagnosed healthy problems, just not feeling right, want to just get more healthy or struggle with emotional eating, disorderly eating, feel out of control with your cravings or just want to learn how to eat for you, -this program can help you find balance and learn to love food, honor your body and love your Self. Many get lost in dieting to get a handle on their eating habits, but what you really need is to find your Nourished Self.


Give someone you love and care about the gift of a healthy change.

Once you purchase we will email you to get the name of the person you are giving the gift to – then we email you a copy of the gift-certificate or you can choose that we email it directly to the one you give the gift to.