Plant-based way of eating

The grilling lives on!

I often hear from new clients that they are frustrated because they have been dieting for most of their life. That it is hard to get healthy because of the limited choices and they keep falling off the wagon. They are stuck because they only know what not to eat so let’s talk about what to eat.

Eating for nourishment

Why are we eating? When we are eating to lose weight we tend to eat from either a dieting perspective or not care at all (that wagon thing). Well here we are eating to be nourished! And that is actually how you lose weight. I see it all the time with my clients and I love it when this shift happens. And it is a shift that happens for good!

The choices are plentiful because we are eating food from the earth and by default that pretty much means we are healthy; yes it is a new way of eating, -and thinking.  I cook meals with whole and seasonal foods, inspired by my heritage of Nordic foods, a craving for the out-doors (I love nature), a hunger for health and vibrancy as I age (let’s call it mature – I am only 52) and a thirst to fight disease (I am supposedly high-risk breast-cancer). I have armed myself with healthy nourishing choices because I want to eat to live in a thriving way. Instead of eating from the dieting mentality of what I cannot have and should/should not eat, I eat based on what nourishes my body and for that matter my mind and soul as well. Food and mood is so tightly related and our emotions are triggered or balanced by our food choices, so I actually master how I feel by my choices instead of being on an emotional rollercoaster all the time.

So if you know you can do all that with your food-choices…

-then what is limiting about eating healthy?

Food is giving us not only more life and vibrancy, but the plant-kingdom is so rich in food choices that it opens up a whole new world of creative cooking. It is beyond avoiding junk and processed foods, fried and fast food, and colorful candies. It is looking at what nature offers us to eat instead of what food we can get from a factory, where the packaging and artificial flavoring is what makes it enticing.

In my book EAT TO FEEL FULL and nourish yourself for good, I talk about how eating to feel nourished helps us let go of the dieting mentality and that is actually what helps us lose weight in a sustainable way. Eating to be nourished becomes your life-style, food choices and eating habits that help you get healthy, -not a diet.

So can you still grill for the summer if you are not eating burgers?

Yes you can!

You can see my other posts with more grilling options, and even if you don’t have an outdoor grill you can use a panini-maker.

This is a portobello mushroom with a topping of zucchini “pasta”. Not your regular burger I know but it is full of taste and chewiness just like your burger. And it is far higher in nutritional value than your meat and bread with ketchup.

If you want to learn how to transform your habits, know what to eat for you to feel better and thrive and get healthy without dieting; join the online program which is a 9-step course based on the three key essentials for sustainable lifestyle changes that transform your eating habits for good: food knowledge, mindfulness, and habit-shifting.

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